IndieGogo stretch goal

March 30, 2016

We have passed the initial IndieGogo funding goal of $10000 in just 1 week! Thanks a lot to everybody who believed in this project and supported us, you are awesome!

With about 10 more days to go, we decided to set out a stretch goal of $15000 to do support more types of assembly syntax.

Our motivation is that Keystone is based on LLVM, which only supports LLVM syntax. If we only compile simple instructions, we will be fine as we are. But if the code has directives, macros, comments and so on, then the assembly syntax matters because each assembler has different way to express their languages.

If the stretch goal of $15000 is reached, the first public version of Keystone will support GNU Gas & Nasm syntaxes, while leaving the support for other assemblers open through a plugin interface.

Things we must do to support Gas & Nasm for this stretch goal.

  • Investigate the syntaxes of these assemblers.
  • Refactor the assembly parser of Keystone to support external syntaxes.
  • Design a plugin interface for external assembly syntaxes, so that it is easy to add more syntaxes in the future.
  • Implement Gas & Nasm support, and allow to choose non-default syntax at run-time.

When ready, we can enable these syntaxes when setting up the engine, like below.

ks_engine *ks;
ks_open(KS_ARCH_X86, KS_MODE_32, &ks);

With Python, this can be done simply like below.

ks = Ks(KS_ARCH_X86, KS_MODE_32)
ks.syntax = KS_OPT_SYNTAX_NASM

We think the option of freely choosing the assembly syntax is important. Please help to spread the news of this stretch goal, and do back us so we will finally have a nice assembler with full feature when Keystone is released!