Keypatch 2.0

September 14, 2016

We are very excited to release Keypatch 2.0, a better assembler for IDA Pro!

Following are the new features provided by this version.

  • Fix some issues with ARM architecture (including Thumb mode)
  • Better support for Python 2.6 & older IDA versions (confirmed to work on IDA 6.4)
  • Save original instructions (before patching) in IDA comments.
  • NOP padding also works when new instruction is longer than original instruction.
  • You can fill a range of selected code via a new function “Fill Range”
  • It is now possible to “undo” (revert) the last modification.
  • All the functions are now available via a popup menu (right-mouse click)

Get full list of new features & source code of Keypatch at

A quick tutorial for Keypatch is available.