IndieGogo campaign closed

April 13, 2016

Our Indiegogo fundraising for Keystone project was successful with 165% funded! Thanks a lot to all the awesome 99 backers, you are the motivation and the very reason why Keystone sees the light of day, and will become available to public soon!

Since our stretch goal was also met, we will have support for GNU Gas & Nasm syntax in the first release of Keystone.

Here is our quick plan:

  • We will ship stickers to all the backers from level-32 and up soon from next week.

  • We are still collecting requests on T-shirt at the moment. We will order T-shirt printing after that, then post to all the backers from level-128 and up. We hope to start shipping from next week.

  • We are cleaning up code and fixing some issues. All the backers from level-512 and up will get the source code in about 2 weeks.

  • We will send the source code to all the backers of level-256 sometime in May.

  • If we can fix all the major issues, the first release of Keystone to pubic will be out in May or June.

More update about our project will be shared soon.